Sherman Law Offices specializes in representing businesses and
individuals in commercial litigation and transactional matters. The firm
zealously represents its clients in matters ranging from simple contract
preparation to multiparty, complex commercial litigation.

Litigated Matters

The firm has represented plaintiffs and defendants in various complex
commercial litigation matters. Some of the firm's litigated matters have

    •        Prosecuting and defending business disputes that have
    included alleged interference with economic advantage and/or
    breach of fiduciary duty;

    •        Representing investors and consumers in securities and
    antitrust class actions;

    •        Prosecuting and defending claims for unfair competition
    and under the Business & Professions Code §17200;

    •        Defending a company from claims by a
    shareholder/dissident director and prosecuting the company’s
    former management for looting;

    •        Prosecuting and defending alter-ego claims designed to
    pierce the corporate veil;

    •        Representing participants in joint ventures;

    •        Prosecuting a food manufacturer for failing to follow the
    formula supplied by a marketer/distributor of an energy bar and
    defending a cross claim for breach of contract;

    •        Representing a foundation in an action against its former
    registered investment adviser when the investment adviser
    placed its client into its own hedge fund;

    •        Prosecuting and defending investment professionals in
    securities arbitrations;

    •        Representing investment professionals in employment
    disputes and in regulatory proceedings; and

    •        Prosecuting and defending claims of breach of contract
    and business torts.

Investor Claims usually include some of the following:

  •        Unsuitable recommendations or inappropriate
           investment advice;
  •        Churning or over-trading;
  •        Misrepresentation and/or omissions;
  •        Failure to diversify and over-concentration;
  •        Failure to hedge; and/or
  •        Failure to give appropriate advice with
           respect to  employee stock options.

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